Let's think of ENERGY!!



Chamiko(A high school girl): I learned about energy problems at school, but I think these are not related to me.

Yuppy(A robot): Oh, come on. Don't give up. We can't live without energy!

Chamiko: What? …Wow, are you a… a Robot!?

Yuppy: I'm a robot. I came from the 23rd century. I want you to change our black future!

Chamiko: Wait a minute. What did you say? Black future?

Yuppy: Yes, but you still have a chance to change black into bright future, but I want you to remember this will be the last chance to change it. So, let's learn together and change the future!





A second year student in high school, living in Tokyo. She has just learned about energy problems. She had thought these were not related to her, but she suddenly became responsible for the future of energy! She went to Taiwan as the study tour and discussed recyclable energy.


A robot coming from the 23rd century in order to change the black future. He is always curious, but knew little about energy. He met Chamiko in Japan and began to think of Future Plan. He actually travels around the world and writes some Energy Records.


 Where does the energy come from? If you have never thought about it, you cannot be aware of how serious the problem is. That may be the reason why there are still energy problems in Japan. It is a serious problem that energy self-supporting rate is much lower than usage, but we hadn't known that since we researched energy problems.

 Our project, Future Plan, started because we were interested in power generation by the recyclable energy. If we were able to use energy again and again permanently, we wouldn't have to be worried about the lack of energy. However, asking experts, we fully realized it is difficult to use recyclable energy as the major source of energy.. (→see the page, "Local Energy")

 We have researched solutions of energy problems for a long time, and finally we have reached one of the possible solutions for that. It is the system of "Local production for local consumption of energy". Its idea, as you know, is quite popular to think of the solution of the food problem. Since we have already known its idea, it will be easier for us to make use of it as a solution of energy problem.

 We considered the future of Japan from high school girls' point of view. It was difficult for us to understand completely about energy only with knowledge that we learned in science and social studies which we have. However, we used characters and easy words to make it easy to feel energy closer to the readers of our sites.

 A character, Yuppy says that Japan may not have a bright future. The purpose of this website is to make it fiction. It seems difficult to change the future, but we would like you to think that it is easier than expected.



Our website was chosen as semi-finalists.
We got an award, Chuo University "Koukousei-chikyu-kankyou-ronbun-shou" (=High School Student Global Environment Paper Award)
Our website was opened.